Talis Kimberley
Voice – Bouzouki – Guitar – Knitting...

Folk music & knitting. They go so well together, much like tea and cake! Talis, a lifelong crocheter & knitter, writes & sings songs inspired by yarncrafts, tea, & baking - at knitting events & shops, & folk clubs.

Book Talis for your knitting group, shop event, festival or other special occasion.

(Oh, and she’s funny, too! Mind - many of her songs *are* earworms. You may find yourself singing along. Don’t say you weren’t warned.)

Talis & her songs will give your knitting get-together a whole new dimension.

Please get in touch for more details!

Talis’s crafty songs include:

‘Eleanor Roosevelt’s Knitting’ (one of Talis’s heroines), ‘Can you Knit, Brave Boys?’ (the menfolk are keener than you’d guess), ‘Queen of Spindles’ (nettles into shirts to save her brothers), ‘The Common Bunting’ (handknit socks on the washing line), and ‘Cast On, Jenny’ (knitting shanty for activist knitters!)

...and many more, celebrating sheep, recycling, gardens, cake, tea...

Tel: 01793 813766 Mob: 07801 730776

Email: talis@talis.net


Yarn shop keepers: Talis has a House Concert-style format that works in most shops, working with the proprietor for an enjoyable event. Details on application.

Yes, Talis knits at gigs, and encourages her audience to do so as well. She’s a dab at socks but not so great at lace...